Terms and Conditions

For you to have a safe and enjoyable visit and for others to do the same please make yourselves familiar with the rules and use guidelines of the reserve. Please be aware that Mbuluzi Game Reserve is a private property and we reserve the right of admission to the reserve and that these rights can be revoked if the rules of the game reserve are not adhered too.


Check-in and out Information:

Lodge check in Times are from 14h00-18h00
Lodge check out time is before 10h00 on the day of departure.
All day visitor guests are to be out of the reserve by 18h00. Any day visitors found at a lodge after this time will be charged the full fee for an overnight stay at that lodge.


Most of these rules are obvious, particularly to those who have a real interest in the bush.  Adherence will in no way inhibit enjoyment of our reserve.  On the contrary, it should be enhanced for all.


  • Littering (a fine will be charged for anyone found to be littering);
  • Music, fireworks or any other loud disturbances;
  • Behaviour likely to cause offense to fellow visitors and staff. Particularly noise, littering, aggressive behaviour, disturbing or harassing animals;
  • Walking or driving near other lodges unless special permission for site inspections is arranged;
  • Feeding of animals.  DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS or leave food unattended outside the lodge.
  • Pets (i.e cats, dogs);
  • Exceeding the 30 k.p.h. speed limit and driving recklessly;
  • Driving off road. This causes untold lasting damage and is viewed most seriously;
  • Sweeping of spotlights over lodges during night drives;
  • Bringing any firearm onto the Game Reserve without Managers approval;
  • Hunting, shooting at or capturing of birds or animals;
  • Making of fires other than at the designated area at the lodge or camp site;
  • Collection or moving of wood, stones or anything occurring naturally;
  • Walking around dams and water holes. This disturbs the game and is inconsiderate towards other visitors;
  • Introduction or removal of any flora or fauna;
  • The purposeful disturbing of animals.


  • Be careful when walking in the area.  All animals can be dangerous;
  • Be very careful around any water as there are dangerous crocodiles in the reserve;
  • Advise the reserve officials of any unusual sightings, most particularly fires, injured animals or anything else you may consider a potential problem;
  • Have fun and enjoy the peace and quiet;
  • Take…. only pictures;
  • Leave…. only footprints


These guidelines are obvious to most but a reminder every now and again doesn’t hurt.  Adherence will in no way inhibit your enjoyment of our lodge & it will ensure that others will have an opportunity to enjoy it too.

Please remember that this lodge belongs to one of the Mbuluzi Game Reserve Shareholders & they have opted to rent the lodge out for others to enjoy.


At MGR we extract water from the Mlawula river and it goes through a system of filtration and chemical treatment. This means that if the system is functioning correctly the water is potable but it contains a fair amount of chlorine. The cleaned water is then pumped up to a holding reservoir using up electricity. This is a resource consuming system. Almost everywhere water is a valuable and limited resource and at certain times of the year it’s availability here is very limited. This means that you are welcome to use the water as needed but please be conscious of not wasting.


The power at the lodges is supplied by the national grid via a high voltage underground cable. This is then stepped down to the standard 220volts at each lodge. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM TRANSFORMERS as the high voltage at them is deadly. Power production in Southern Africa is mostly from the burning of coal so any reduction in use is beneficial for the environment. Please don’t waste electricity.


All waste is to be put into the bin provided. Unfortunately, we are not yet at the stage where separated waste disposal has come to our area, so it is mixed for now. Separation of recyclable items does eventually occur. Please ensure that any outside bins have their lids securely fitted. We will be coming to collect the outside bins regularly but if you are being disturbed by any uncollected trash then please let us know and we will collect it.


The Indigenous firewood sold at the office for cooking and campfires is a limited and scarce resource. Even though you have covered the cost of collection please use it responsibly. Please make sure your fire is properly extinguished before turning in, especially in our dry and windy winter months (May-October). Collecting firewood around the lodges and in the reserve is strictly prohibited. A lot of the wood in the area is poisonous.

The Breakages Honour System & Shortages

Please report any breakages to the office on departure. You will be responsible for compensating the lodge owner of any breakages or shortages in the lodge.

Please do let us know if your lodge was short of self catering equipment.

Reporting & Feedback

We always appreciate any reports and feedback from your stay with us.

Please let us know ASAP if there are any maintenance issues at your lodge and we will rectify as best we can.

Please let us know on departure what we could be doing to improve on your experience at Mbuluzi Game Reserve or email manager@mbuluzi.com

Many areas of Mbuluzi have a heavy tick load, especially pepper ticks. Pepper ticks look like tiny dots on the skin!

Pepper tick bites can cause intense itching. Scratching these bites can lead to serious skin infections. Pepper ticks are nothing but the larval forms (or smaller versions) of dog ticks. They resemble pepper-like (or dust) specks and have very sharp teeth with a barbed snout that cements them down in place. As a result, they are very difficult to remove.

Often people make the mistake of pulling ticks out which only results in leaving their mouth parts behind on the skin. This can lead to infections or tick bite fever.

Ways to prevent pepper tick infestations

  • Spray from the waist down onto skin, clothes and shoes.
  • Take a hot shower after you have trekked on trails with tall grasses to deter ticks if any.
  • Also wearing long sleeved clothing can prevent ticks from getting onto the skin.
  • Wash all clothing in hot water after you are back from the hike.
  • How to remove the pepper ticks from the skin
  • When crawling on the skin or clothes simply brush them of with your hand or the branch of a Magic Guarri tree.
  • If bitten and the tick is still visible the first thing to do is pull out the ticks. Never do this with your hands; instead use a blunt edge (think credit card or back of a knife) to scrape the ticks off. Alternatively, you can use a strong pair of tweezers to remove the pepper ticks without leaving behind any mouthparts.

How to relieve the itch caused by pepper tick bites

  • Apply some Benadryl or hydrocortisone cream to relieve itch.
  • Apply some ice cubes or frozen vegetable packs directly to the skin.
  • Herbal preparations containing peppermint or lavender oil etc can also help reduce the itching and inflammation.
  • Calamine based lotions or marigold extract can also help soothe the pepper tick bites.
  • Seek medical help, especially if there is fever. This is a sign of an infection or tick bite fever and antibiotics might need to be taken promptly to prevent further complications.


On entry into the reserve all visitors acknowledge that:

They are fully aware that the Mbuluzi Game Reserve property and its environs constitutes a potential danger to persons while on the said property, including inter alia roads, vehicles, dams, bridges, rivers, swimming pools, electrical installations and cables, trespassers, insects, arachnids, animals and reptiles.
They are aware that crocodiles, hippopotamus and other wild animals inhabit the water and other area of the reserve.
Acting herein for themselves, their employees, their invitees, including members their family, They waive and abandon as against Mbuluzi Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd, its directors, employees and shareholders any and all claims of every nature and whether for them personally or in any dependent or in representative capacity, howsoever arising in respect of any loss, damage or injury or death of any of the aforegoing or the property of the aforegoing, (a) relating to the condition of the property, by reason of the said property at any time falling into a defective state or by reasons of any repairs, or maintenance work on the said property having been effected negligently, improperly or not having been effected at all, or (b) caused by any act or omission by a director, employee or shareholder of Mbuluzi Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd or by (c) attributable to any fauna or flora, including reptiles and mammals, on the Mbuluzi Game Reserve property. Such waiver shall also apply to claims or losses arising whilst the person concerned is involved, directly or indirectly, in outings or activities organized or supervised by the management.