Community Involvement

The Mbuluzi Game Reserve Community Development Fund

The Objectives of the Fund

To support orphans and vulnerable children in the Lubombo area by providing them with school fees/uniforms and supplemental food/other necessary items.  The Fund’s mechanism for achieving this objective is to gather and distribute cash donations for these purposes.  Mbuluzi may also donate in-kind items at our discretion.  Fundraising will take the form of MGR budget allocations, voluntary shareholder donations, social networking donations, office-based tourist donations and website marketing.  As and when possible, MGR will utilize existing entities through which to work; this will improve our success rate and create more accountability.

Beneficiaries of the fund

The fund has been set up to support members of the community around Mbuluzi Game Reserve, namely vulnerable/orphaned and other appropriate recipients. As well as the Maphiveni resident Point.

Management of the Fund

The Fund will be managed by a subcommittee composed of Mbuluzi shareholders, Mbuluzi staff and others if elected by MGR’s manager.  The subcommittee will be responsible for approving all disbursements, and it meets twice a year to assess available funds and disbursements.


The finances of the fund sit on the balance sheet of the Mbuluzi Game Reserves financial statement that is audited independently annually. Recipients will report to MGR at least annually on the use of the Funds.